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Q MAGAZINE every month, gives you the opportunity to win some fantastic prizes and giveaways.

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See below for details. These change on a monthly basis, so keep checking back to see what is on offer. Simply email us your contact details with the prize (or prizes) you are entering for in the subject line - it's that easy.

* All prizes are open to everyone, except those which specifically state you must be over 18 to enter. Entries close on the final day of each calendar month with the prize draw taking place at 5pm the following day at Apt. 7, 16 Westbury Grove, St. Kilda East VIC 3183 Names and addresses of people winning prizes valued at or over $250 ONLY will be published in the following issue of Q Magazine. All monthly winners are notified by email.

If you would like to donate a prize for inclusion in our monthly Q WIN list, contact Q Management with your offer.

Get Free - only in Q Magazine.

Thank you for your continued support and Good luck !

Below are the offerings for this month.


2016 Australian Wine Vintages by Rob Geddes

In the fully updated and revised 33nd edition of Australian Wine Vintages, Rob Geddes MW provides readers with the definitive guide to selecting the best quality local vintages in any price range. Aiming to showcase the top 10% of wineries that consistently deliver quality, the popular pocket-sized book (also available as an App) includes detailed tasting notes, vintage quality and indicative prices for over 6,000 wines from over 300 of Australia’s best wineries, with 40 new wineries included in this edition. It also includes an updated list of Certified Organic and Biodynamic wineries, past vintage details for those who are cellaring or trading back vintages, as well as a guide to the various wine varieties and regions so you know what to look for. Accompanied by a panel of experts from other Master of Wine recipients, Sommeliers, major retail buyers and winemakers, all of the wines featured are tasted independently and objectively.

The 33rd edition is now available at book stores or online at www.thegoldbook.com.au

We have five (5) of these amazing looking guides to give away.

You can throw your hat in the ring by emailing getfree@qmagazine.com.au with WINE in the subject line.