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Q MAGAZINE every month, gives you the opportunity to win some fantastic prizes and giveaways.

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See below for details. These change on a monthly basis, so keep checking back to see what is on offer. Simply email us your contact details with the prize (or prizes) you are entering for in the subject line - it's that easy.

* All prizes are open to everyone, except those which specifically state you must be over 18 to enter. Entries close on the final day of each calendar month with the prize draw taking place at 5pm the following day at Apt. 7, 16 Westbury Grove, St. Kilda East VIC 3183 Names and addresses of people winning prizes valued at or over $250 ONLY will be published in the following issue of Q Magazine. All monthly winners are notified by email.

If you would like to donate a prize for inclusion in our monthly Q WIN list, contact Q Management with your offer.

Get Free - only in Q Magazine.

Thank you for your continued support and Good luck !

Below are the offerings for this month.


Precise in more ways than one

King of Shaves understands that men grow hair, and lots of it. They also understand that some of that hair isnít in the easiest of places to get to. Thatís why they have just introduced their new Precision Trimmer, allowing man to conquer the most sensitive and hardest to reach places; the nose, eyebrows and ears. No longer will these delicate areas be no-go zones, as men can now perfect personal grooming confidently with the Precision Trimmerís non-slip rubberised grip, allowing for ultimate control. The efficient snap-on bi-directional trimmer head and guides allow you to accurately trim eyebrow hair (and can also be used for your nose), whilst the rotary trimmer head quickly removes unwanted nose and ear hair.

Got sensitive skin? Well King of Shaves has thought of that as well, by designing hypoallergenic stainless steel blades that wonít irritate the skin. Powered by one AA battery, the compact and discrete Precision Trimmer is ideal for home, gym and travel. Once all the action is over cleaning the device is as easy as using it, just remove the trimmer heads and guides, rinse under running water and wipe clean with a dry cloth. For the man who is tired of painful plucking and wants something a little easier, the Precision Trimmer will help you in more ways than one.

Inside each pack:

- Precision Trimmer

- Angled Bi-Directional Trimmer ideal for eyebrows

- Compact Rotary Trimmer ideal for ears and nose

- 1.5 and 2.5mm Trimming Guides

- 1 AA Battery - Instructions

King of Shaves Precision Trimmer RRP: $ 22.95 You can find the Precision Trimmer in Shaver Shops nationwide and online at www.shave.com.au

We have five to give away. Email getfree@qmagazine.com.au with valor in the subject line to enter.