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Welcome to Q MAGAZINE On Line - your virtual access to the only Magazine of its kind in Australia.

Q MAGAZINE - the ONLY free to street monthly Gay and Lesbian glossy A5 publication of its kind in the country.

This month we dedicate the cover and three pages on our wonderful Global Pride Movement. This includes Q Festival about MIDSUMMA Festival 2017 and Q Scene pictures from Out in the Open Festival in Shepparton – links below – and Q World.

Le Corum in the Mediterranean French city of Montpellier was a hub of activity from the 12th to the 16th of October as the Boards of both InterPride – the International Association of Pride Organisers – and EPOA – the European Pride Organisers Association held their Annual General Meetings and World Conference. This is only the second time in InterPride’s 35 years that the two organisations have held a joint conference and only the 10th time InterPride has held its AGM & World Conference outside of the USA. Q World.

A performance where costume not only represents our constantly evolving and definitive roles, but one which uncovers how we can successfully mask and shape our identities through image and dress, to fit within or bust out of social constructs. CROSSFADE is a performance very much based on the garment, and is a stirring mix of dance, burlesque and cabaret. Q Comment.

Featured articles (in highres PDF format):

Q Travel with Barrie Mahoney.

Q Festival feat. MIDSUMMA Festival 2017.

Q Scene - Out in the Open Festival Shepparton's LGBTI Festival

Special Articles this month:

Q Arts Centre - MIDSUMMA Magic.

Q Books - Toxic Love.

Q Cabaret - the Athenaeum will come alive.

Q Film - Moonlight Cinema returns to Australia.

Q Health - New HIV Drug on PBS.

Q WIN - Online Design Package.

Q Internet - Jack'd Free for Users.

Q Shows - The Gathering and The Last 5 Years.


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