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Welcome to Q MAGAZINE On Line - your virtual access to the only Magazine of its kind in Australia.

Q MAGAZINE - the ONLY free to street monthly Gay and Lesbian glossy A5 publication of its kind in the country.

The Production Company opens their 2015 season with their 50th show. Read about the amazing shows coming up this year in this months Q Feature.

New book The Boatman explores life as a gay man travelling India. In the early 80s there was no gay scene in India. We have 5 copies of The Boatman to give away. Email getfree@qmagazine.com.au with boatman in the subject line to enter. Q WIN.

With recent developments in the United States, such as individual states banning ex-gay/reparative/conversion therapies and President Obama calling for the practice to be banned many people believe the concept to be an American invention. Apparently, conversion therapy was being practiced in Australia at least seven years before it was formalised in the US when Exodus International was founded in 1976 and was not an American evangelical import as has been assumed. Find out what Anthony Venn-Brown has to say about it in this months Q Comment.

We also have some great scene pics from Melbourne and Tasmania:


Featured articles (in highres PDF format):

Q Money with Evan Davis.

Q Youth with Tasman Anderson.

Q Cuisine with Alessandro Russo.

Q Travel with Barrie Mahoney.

Q Fitness with Chris Gregoriou.

Q Drag by Alan Mayberry feat. Day Tona.

Special Articles this month:

Q Circus - Pescado by the wonderful people at NICA.

Q Play - Josh Futcher in Andy Warhol in the Raw.

Q Pride - EuroPride 2015 in Riga, Latvia by Briand Bedford.

Q Dance - feat. The Sydney Dance Company.

Q Fundraising - The Rainbow Initiative.


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